Android Mail Client Malfunction On FierceXL

Both Scott and I have an odd issue with our FierceXL using the stock mail client to communicate with Exchange 2013 over the OWA interface. Randomly, one or more of the connected accounts stops receiving e-mail. We know OWA still works and is available from the phone — we can go into Chrome on the phone and log into OWA. There is absolutely no traffic coming across the reverse proxy / Exchange server from the phone IP. Switching between the cellular network and home WiFi has no impact.

I had just been rebooting my phone. Upon startup, communication is again seen on the reverse proxy server. A few seconds later, the backlog of new mail starts popping into the mail client. Scott recently discovered that you can resolve the issue by closing the mail app (bringing up the recent/running application list and swiping mail off of the screen) and re-opening it.

It appears something within the mail client is getting a thread hung — not the mail client en toto as I often cease receiving messages to one of three accounts. Ending the process and re-spawning it clears whatever is hung. Unfortunately, we have not had any updates for these phones since November of last year so there’s not a quick software fix that can be applied to resolve the issue.

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