Projects: Backpack Acquisitions Complete, Sleeping Bag Project

We got presents! While we were mowing the grass yesterday, I noticed a couple of boxes at our garage door. All of the bits and pieces for Anya’s owl backpack got here. Still haven’t unpacked the boxes, but I should be able to get started on her backpack this weekend!

Anya has been asking for a sleeping bag — primarily for camping in the woods, but I’m sure she’d use it as an indoor blanket too. I found a simple looking tutorial at and think that’ll be my Christmas present project.

I’m thinking about using a black fabric with metallic gold stars for the bag exterior and a minky green for the interior. I found a zipper with gold teeth and green tape at The Zipper Lady — by the yard zippers! You can add your own bottom and top stops. Maybe case some elastic in the print fabric and use it to hold the bag when it is rolled.

BagExterior ZipperBagInterior

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