Poor People Rights

Decades ago, someone rather hostility questioned … well, what they assumed to be my stance on abortion since it wasn’t like we’d ever had a conversation even tangentially related to abortion. They demanded to know why I, as a women, wouldn’t support women’s rights. Women’s rights?!? I asked. You’re talking about *poor people’s* rights.

You don’t need to discuss a controversial procedure like abortion or euthanasia. Consider a hypothetical scenario where LASIK eye surgery is outlawed in the United States. Medical tourism is already a thing in SouthEast Asia – so anyone who wants their vision surgically corrected now needs a week off from work, a couple grand to cover the flight and hotel, and a couple more grand to cover the surgery. It isn’t like the immigration officer is going to be issuing eye exams to determine if your vision when you left matches your arrival (or you fake the exam). Which means outlawing LASIK has only prevented people without significant disposable income from undergoing the procedure.

Removing a federal regulation allowing something and leaving each individual state maintain its own policy just lowers the cash/time requirements. It’s cheaper and quicker to pop over to California than Thailand.

Trump’s 20/20 interview brought this discussion to mind — while he says same-sex marriage has been decided by the supreme court and is unlikely to be overturned (it’s hard to find someone who has sustained ‘personal and individual’ injury by someone else’s marriage and therefore has standing to initiate a suit, so I’ll give him that) he also thinks Row should be overturned (I suspect the male parent could argue standing) and each state should have the power to decide for themselves . To decide what the poorer people who live in their state can or cannot do is the part that gets omitted from the debate.

I wonder, too, if there’s not some even subconscious belief that people are poor because of bad decisions. It’s OK that affluent people can avail themselves to the procedure — they can be trusted to make good decisions. It’s really just the poor people, whose poor decision making is evidenced by their economic situation, about whom we need to concern ourselves.

A friend of mine once observed that people who are out there LOUDLY proclaiming what God wants … odd how God’s will always follows that individual’s ideas too. The God Hates Fags folks who are sure the whole Luke 6:37 (“Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”) thing doesn’t apply too condemning others based on their sexual preferences. Wasn’t the whole manifest destiny God’s will that the USA spread out to the Pacific?

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