Art Smock!!

Anya’s art smock is finally done!  One yard of the laminated fabric (54″ wide) was enough for the interior of her owl backpack  and this smock. I learnt to fold bias tape properly — unfortunately too late for this project. I had always seen it folded very carefully in half and then each raw edge folded in half toward the middle. You actually want one side to be a little longer than the other. The shorter side is stitched to the front of the fabric, folded over the raw edge, and then you top-stitch just off of the edge of the bias tape (and since the portion on the back is a little bit wider, these stitches catch the back of the fabric. The top-stitching is barely visible (depending on how well you can sew along a defined line). This should save a LOT of time applying bias tape in the future.



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