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Freedom From Consequences Is Not A Right

I think this is one of the most important tenants of free speech — you are free to say whatever awful thing you want (and as much as I hate what you are saying, I *do* support your right to say it). You have the right to PEACEFUL assembly to advocate those awful views (but opposition has the same right to peaceful assembly to protest your beliefs, and no one has the right to violent assembly). But you are NOT free from consequences. You want to post a bunch of sexist, racist, hateful stuff online or attend hateful public rallies, yeah you can get fired. Or ostracized. Preferably both.
It’s probably too much to hope that these people will experience negative consequences and rethink their beliefs. More likely being fired will increase their hatred, bigotry, and belief that political correctness (yeah, evidently *not* being a white supremacist nazi is no longer an obvious state and requires political correctness) has just gone too far.
Seriously, though, if you are at a rally and cover your face to avoid being recognized, rethink your attendance. I’ve been at a lot of protests and rallies, and I was proud to be seen.