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SharePoint Rest API Does Not Allow Unindexed Queries

I’ve been developing code templates for CRUD operations (that’s a real acronym — Create, Read, Update, Delete) against SharePoint — we need to use SharePoint lists to replace database tables. Retrieving information worked fine until I tried to filter the data through the REST call. SharePoint throws a generic error about exceeding some admin-set limit. (1) I know the limit, I can see the limit. The limit is 5,000, and I know my filtered result set is 121 records. WAY lower than 5,000. Oh, and (2) I can run the query without the filter — I’m paging it! — and read all 29,887 records so what does the limit have to do with anything? Reasoning with an HTTP response … well, doesn’t work. No matter how unassailable my argument is, the API call still returned:

    {"code":"-2147024860, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQueryThrottledException",
       "value":"The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list 
                view threshold enforced by the administrator."}}}

It is, it turns out, a poorly worded error. I started thinking about the query limits on my LDAP servers — we have hard limits to operations and also require most people perform queries against indexed attributes. It’s computationally expensive to search through unindexed attributes (and the Right Thing To Do, generally speaking, is add an index for something that is a frequent query target). I wondered if there was an analogous “no unindexed queries” setting in SharePoint. Quick enough to test — add an index on the column(s) you use in the filter. In the site content listing, click the sideways hamburger menu by the list name. Select “Settings”

Scroll down to Index Columns and click the hyperlink.

Click ‘Create a new index’

Wait for the index process to complete, then try the filtered request again … I’ve got data! Evidently SharePoint ODATA filter queries to the REST API need to be performed against indexed columns. I’m sure Microsoft has that documented somewhere but quite a bit of Googling didn’t get me anywhere … so I’m posting this in case anyone else encounters the same error.

Did you know … you can be notified when changed are made to a SharePoint Online Wiki?

My group has started using a SharePoint Online Wiki – it’s a quick way to have an aesthetically pleasing knowledge base, but I’d rather not have to check “Updated Pages” periodically to see if there’s new content. Configuring SharePoint to notify me when new pages are added (or existing pages updated) avoids needing to check for new content.

From the Wiki, click “Page”

On the “Page” ribbon bar, select “View All Pages”

Click “Library” in the ribbon bar, then click the “Alert Me” drop-down.

Select “Set an alert on this library”

Configure your alert – you can receive notifications when new pages changed or added or only when new pages are added.

You can filter out changes you make by selecting “Someone else changes a wiki page”, and you can receive digest updates instead of getting a notification for each individual change. Click “OK” to save the notification, and you’ll start getting e-mails when the Wiki is updated.

If you want to adjust or cease receiving the alerts, select “Manage My Alerts” instead of ‘Set alert on this library’

Click on the alert name to edit the alert (or check the box in front of the alert name and select “Delete Selected Alerts” to remove it).