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ZoneMinder After Upgrade

We recently updated from ZoneMinder 1.30 to 1.34 – easy as can be, ran the DB update script and everything came right online. Except … our home automation system hasn’t been able to access the system. OpenHAB reports that the bridge is offline. And we’re getting 404 errors in all of the /zm/api calls in access_log.

Turns out the API was offline because when the new package came down … there was a zoneminder.conf.rpmnew in the Apache conf.d directory. Can’t even say I found this intentionally – I wanted to check the Apache config file to see if it had anything about the api directory, did a directory listing, and said oooooh!

[lisa@fedora01 conf.d]# ll zone*
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 1990 Jul 29 18:13 zoneminder.conf
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 1990 Aug 28 22:34 zoneminder.conf.rpmnew

They’ve changed a few of the sub-directories and added components to the config. As soon as I renamed zoneminder.conf to zoneminder.conf.old, copied zoneminder.conf.rpmnew to zoneminder.conf, and repeated a few config tweaks we had made for the original installation … restarted Apache and voila, we can fetch /zm/api/host/getVersion.json and get values. So if you’re getting odd 404 errors and CakePHP “/zm/api” not found errors maybe you forgot to update your config with changes from the rpmnew file.

Zoneminder Setup

I just installed ZoneMinder tonight. I don’t know if I missed a section in the documentation or something’s just missing — there’s doc for getting the build onto your box (or building your own from source). I didn’t want to install the package and all of its dependencies from their repo, so I manually installed the prereqs from the standard Fedora repositories. Installed the zoneminder rpm and switched from the ‘installation guide’ to the ‘user guide’. Which starts out on a web site. Umm … what web site? There’s definitely something missing here. Their package drops a config file in /etc/httpd/conf.d … *but* it presupposes that it is a dedicated server (which, in fairness, is the recommended configuration).

I edited the zoneminder.conf file and threw the whole thing in a VirtualHost tag, added an SSL cert for the hostname I’m using, and restarted Apache. OK, that’s better … I get *something*. Unfortunately ‘something’ is a massive MySQL error.

Some searching (rpm -ql zoneminder, then search through the files the package installed for something that looks good) yielded a config file at /etc/zm/zm.conf. Went in there, defined a database, user, and password. Created said database & user in mysql & assigned rights. Umm, stranger database error that leads me to believe the database hasn’t been initialized. Oops. LMGTFY. Found a SQL file at /usr/share/zoneminder/db/zm_create.sql and imported *that* … wasn’t sure if it was as simple as changing the zm database name in the SQL file to what I wanted or not, so I just used their default database name. Went back into MySQL and assigned the user I’d created earlier rights to the zm database and dropped *my* database. (Note, if you don’t use PHP date ‘stuff’, you may need to define the time zone in your php.ini file … I’d already set a default for other purposes).

Refresh and voila, I’ve got a system. You’ve got to click ‘start’ at the top for it to, well, start pulling in video feeds. I set up a VERY basic link to our WansView camera — ffmpg type, source is the full videostream.cgi URL, and remote method is “RTP/Unicast”. I can now see the video from our camera via the web site. WooHoo!

Now we need to get the motion detection set up & play with all of the options 🙂